About Us

The Gaiaganic Story

Hi, I’m John, co-founder of Gaiaganic. With the help of my wife, Janine, and our two children, Lily and Cian, we are Australia’s top manufacturer of food grade Hydrogen Peroxide. Operating from our home-based factory on Tamborine Mountain, Queensland, Gaiaganic food grade Hydrogen Peroxide is sold exclusively at hundreds of fine health food stores right across Australia.

Operations began in 2015, but the dream of making food grade Hydrogen Peroxide easily accessible and affordable was birthed out of necessity upon tranquil Tamborine Mountain three years earlier. Before committing to relocating our young family to the mountain permanently, we rented a house to ‘try it, before you buy it,” as we were hesitant to make such a major change without some first hand experience of life on the mountain. Like all homes on Tamborine Mountain, our rental property’s water supply came from rain water tanks. The owner advised us to add Milton (a chlorine based baby bottle sanitiser) to treat the water that was visibly green. We are not fans of chlorine and had chosen to live on Tamborine Mountain to live a less toxic life.

Instead of chlorine, we elected to use food grade Hydrogen Peroxide to treat the rain tank. I discovered that online sellers were charging an absolute fortune for a tiny amount of hydrogen peroxide. After much research and due diligence, I found a supplier able to sell me 25 litres of food grade Hydrogen Peroxide at a reasonable price.

I felt excited as the courier delivered my black plastic drum filled with what would turn out to be so much more than a water sanitiser but literally my new career path. I shivered thinking of how much I would have spent buying tiny bottles of peroxide online as I poured 2.5 litres of it into the offending rain tank. I wondered how Australians lived without affordable access to food grade Hydrogen Peroxide. I envisioned starting a company making high quality food grade Hydrogen Peroxide.

In the United States, where I hail from, one can affordably purchase food grade Hydrogen Peroxide at most health food stores. As I discovered this not to be the case in my adopted nation of Australia, I decided to do something about it as soon as possible.

Fast forward three years and we returned to Tamborine Mountain, with the very good fortune of being in a position to buy the home of our dreams. But again, our water was green. I’d used the last of the our 25 litres of hydrogen peroxide to sterilise our rain water tanks and committed in that moment to launch Gaiaganic and breathe life into the dream. Within a few short months, Gaiaganic was founded, and we rapidly saw our products stocked in hundreds of health food stores nationwide, wildly exceeding our every expectation.

Five years on and business is still booming. With my daughter effortlessly taking charge of several key areas of the business, and my son heading up both production and logistics, I feel immense pride in what we’ve accomplished as a family and will always remember fondly the impact Tamborine Mountain, and its green rain tank water, has had on all our lives.

On behalf of my entire family, I offer you our sincerest thanks.

John Gabens
Co-founder and Chief Buck Stop, Gaiaganic